When my husband Ted and I moved into our brand new, custom built, canal front home in Pine Knoll Shores in January, 2014 we were ecstatic with its quality. Sammy Ballou had listened to our dreams and made them happen. He designed and built a house that exceeded our expectations. Regardless of where each item was on the budget; whether it was an item where we’d decided to cut costs or one of the things we were really splurging on, like the wide plank oak floors, Sammy made sure it was top quality and installed correctly.

Despite my constant changes I changed the color of the front door at least 3 times, Sammy was always patient and willing to make it happen. He watched our budget almost as much as Ted did and often cautioned me when I was getting a little crazy, “That will be pricey.”

Sammy made building a house fun. It was definitely a team effort. I hear other homeowners complain that they never saw the builder. I know Sammy was at our site almost every day during the total time of construction. I know he came quickly every single time I called with a concern. He had good subcontractors but he personally inspected and/or supervised everything.

I know other good builders but none like Sammy Ballou. Not only is he really good at what he does but he is available, patient and willing to keep coming back until his client is happy. I can’t imagine ever giving up my Sammy Ballou dream home but if it happens, I sure hope he’s still building. Meantime, if anybody asks me for a recommendation, Sammy Ballou is number one!” ~ Ted and Marian G.